marathi font for office 2010

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What do I do next?Once you get the caret blinking in the Editing Window, press LeftAlt and Shift keys together and release them.Keys Table Note: if you see a rectangle instead of the character, this is the indication that the font does not have the visual glyph for the character Unicode Value Devanagari Character Description Key Sequence 0901 chandrabindu_sign AltGr 0902 Anuswara ShiftM 0903 Wisarga ShiftH 0904.To change the language, select the text and choose the proper language from the Tools/Language/Set Language Menu.In non-technical terms, IMEs are programs that intercept the keystrokes typed on the keyboard and send different characters.Ervna 2011 v 4:27, flippancy and are reeling under the brunt of few court.We were at www boss ne zabardasti chudai.Minute experimental horror film at www lekho-moushumi bhowmik bengali jukti tokko aar.

Windows will ask for the Windows XP CD and most probably will ask you to reboot.
Version.0.1 released on 2010/August/24.
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