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These principles are what turns a simple sleight of hand gesture into a mind melting magic trick: Mind the gap : Your brain takes shortcuts and makes assumptions to help process the incomplete visual data its receiving, or whats known as amodal completion.
While other software may not be able to rip some certain DVDs or may yield audio/video not in sync, Magic DVD Ripper almost always works perfectly.
Control the frame : Like a film director or photographer, magicians know how to draw your attention to where they want.
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Employ the familiar : Magicians play into your brains need to spot patterns.
You can enjoy DVD movies anytime and anywhere without inserting DVDs or burn them to blank DVD or CD using burning software.
If you have any questions about our services, just contact our support (by the left).Youll never fool a magician.Your brain is a liar.If a magician shows you only a few cards from a trick deck, your brain will fill in the blanks and youll assume the deck is normal.Magic tricks, or illusions, make us go ooh, ahhh, and how the flippin crap did they do that?!Theyre ready for someone to make an uncommon choice, and theyve planned for secondary illusions to make up for.Illusions may not be real magic, but they fool your brain so well they may as well.No matter what anyone says about performing magic tricks, everyones jaws drop when they see.Youll always look where they want you to look because your brain cant help.If you feel like you are in control, youll buy into the illusion even more.