mac os x 10.4 backup utility

In some cases, such as the Desktop, you may need to copy directly from one subfolder to the other.
If you're concerned that some preferences files, fonts, or other files in the Library folder of your old directory may be corrupt, you can bypass copying any or all files from the old Library folder.
This allows you to create an image file that is never any larger than you need.In either case, you cannot add files that would exceed the maximum size you set.Disk-image files will appear in the bottom of the left-hand column of the Disk Utility window.These local snapshots are made hourly, unless you deselect Back Up Automatically, and theyre stored on your portable computers internal disk.As discussed earlier in this chapter, asr is also the basis of the Software Restore application used to restore Macs to the factory-set configuration.The author's Web page ( ml ) provides many more details about backing up Mac OS X volumes via Unix.Restore features and system administrators.This is also especially useful if you manipulate lots of data within one hour as you would spend the whole day backing.Using the Finder, backing.Third-party backup utilities Although you can back up and restore volumes using just the software that came with your Mac, the best, most reliable methods employ third-party software.Your only problem would be if you had a single file too large to fit on one disc.

To restore from the image file: Launch Disk Utility, and in the window that appears, click the Restore tab.
Although it is slow (and potentially expensive for large backups it has the advantage of being off-site.
You can also use the previously mentioned utilities (such as Data Backup X and Carbon Copy Cloner) to do a mirrored backup of a hard drive.
Use Retrospect's Duplicate option to create a duplicate of the drive.
It's an old Mac Mini, has a lot of photos, music, etc., but it's gotten so unbelievably slow over the years that my gut is telling me a complete wipe would be the smartest solution.From the list in the left column, drag the volume you wish to back up to the Source text box.In particular, check the following articles, as relevant to your needs: Figure.21 Left, Apple's.Mac's Backup utility; right, the Sync options from the.Mac System Preferences pane.You can similarly have different backup destinations for each plan.Backup.x performs incremental backups, saving newer versions of previously backed-up files, without deleting the older versions.If you try to do so, the following problems occur that prevent the copy from booting (or even from being a complete copy!