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In this article you will learn how to use the Mac Oonnect to Server option to establish client connections to Windows-based SMB shared file system resources.
Now the "PC - My Docs" folder will be mounted on your Mac, and accessible from your desktop and in Finder.
2 you need to set the network location.Now, on your Mac, from Finder's Go menu, choose "Connect to Server." Enter the IP address you just obtained from your PC, preceded by smb as shown: update: To use your PC's name instead of IP address, replace the number with the name.Using the name is a better method than IP address because the IP can change if it's assigned dynamically, but wondershare mac serial number the name won't unless you change.How to Use the Windows 10 Public Folder.El Capitan and Yosemite.

From your Mac OS X computers desktop, click.
So if your PC's name is "MyWindowsBox you'd use smb mywindowsbox (not case-sensitive).
If Mac and Windows 10 are on the same network, Mac OS X will detect the Windows PC automatically and list under.
When youre ready to share a file with another user on your Network, just drop the file in the public folder.
Once you have your devices connected, there are multiple ways you can share files.At one point during your work you realize that you need to transfer some administrative files to the Mac from a shared folder named docs on a Windows Server 2008 R2 file server named server01.In my setup (shown below that address.If you dont have this information, contact the computers owner or your network administrator.If you are using a mix of Mac and Windows, review our guide here.Sharing files/folders from, windows 10 computer to Mac OS X is quite easy compared to reverse way.Though we have selected Everyone in the sharing kisah para nabi pdf group, but the user name and password are required to connect and access the network share from Mac.The Public folder contains folders for Documents, Pictures, Videos and similar directories to those you would find in your Personal folder.Once this is done, you will get more options on sharing files.Open a Finder window, and find the shared computers name in the Shared section of the.