lost land of the volcano episode 1

Around a night-fire the tribe show Buchanan feather headdresses and demonstrate a tribal dance wearing feather decorations from birds-of-paradise.
The rat, provisionally called the.
Episode 3, steve Backshall descends into the crater of diablo 2 maphack 1.13d a giant extinct volcano in New Guinea.
A must see documentary!
2 3, episodes edit, one edit Natives of the tribe who own the forests help to make a base-camp on the outer slopes of Mount Bosavi in advance of the arrival by helicopter of film-makers and a team of experts from all over the world.He reports on the dangers of climate warming and of humans to the wildlife as he watches an ornate fruit-dove.Lost Land of the Volcano was the third of the BBC Natural History Unit's "Expedition" series, following.Some members of the expedition team travelled to the island.What will he find?The expedition team, which includes specialist zoologists, explorers and the, bBC crew, travels to the extinct volcano.The extinct volcano is filmed from the air as the helicopter takes an advance team onto its rim, where they have arranged to meet local Kosua people who will be their guides.In the stunning wildlife series Lost Land Of The Volcano, an international team of scientists, cavers and wildlife filmmakers, including Steve Backshall, Gordon Buchanan and Dr George McGavin, venture deep into the heart of the remote tropical island of New Guinea.On New Guinea Buchanan films a fruit-dove on a nest, Dumbacher takes blood from a king bird-of-paradise for research and reports that they have netted many more species, Allison finds more frogs, and McGavin follows a caterpillar changing into a large colourful moth using time-lapse.One of the expedition's aims was to find evidence to support the case to protect the area.Bosavi woolly rat, is among the biggest species of rat in the world measuring 82 centimetres (32 in) in length and weighing.5 kilograms (3.3 lb).1, papua New Guinea's rainforest is currently being destroyed at the rate.5 per year, and the practice of logging about 20 miles (32 km) south from the volcano presents a potential threat to the ecosystem.

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A striped possum is found in one of the animal traps, which is released after being studied and filmed.
In the United States, it was broadcast the same month in seven parts on consecutive nights.They climb down into the volcano crater and prepare a base-camp for the rest of the team.After this, McGavin goes to New Guinea and a helicopter takes him to the rim of Mount Bosavi.He sets up a night-light which attracts hundreds of moths, and he suspects many are not known to science.Broadcasts, see all broadcasts of Episode 1 (24).IMDbPro technical Specs, color: Color, see full technical specs edit Did You Know?Clips, see all clips from Episode.Buchanan films a tree kangaroo, and Helgen helps to identify a wallaby, a painted ringtail possum, a new cuscus subspecies (similar to the silky cuscus and a large new rat species provisionally named the Bosavi woolly rat.Dr George McGavin explains the importance of the local biodiversity and the destruction that logging is doing to local forests and wildlife, while a lorry loaded with logs is shown filmed from above.Episode 2, the team push deeper into New Guinea's rainforest, eleven madison park cookbook and enlist a tribe to help them find the birds of paradise as they perform their courtship displays.