lenovo thinkpad tablet keyboard folio case - keyboard trackpoint

The keys on the Folio keyboard are standard size, no miniaturization here.
It would have been nice to have access to an additional USB port when docked and even nicer if, like the asus Transformer, there was an additional battery inside the keyboard.
I found some drawbacks, however. Thanks to Mrs.Asus Transformer TF101 Mobile Docking Station does.It's an optical mouse that you don't have to push at all: Just glide your finger over it, and the cursor moves around the screen.Thinkpad Tablet Keyboard Folio Case from, lenovo recently, fairly cheaply. Note the flap on the top; this is the magnetic closure strap, and as a nice little touch, when using the folio, the magnet holds the flap out of the way as well.Its worth noting here that the stand is fine when youve got it on a solid surface like a desk; however, its not all that good for lap use as it becomes a bit floppy if your lap isnt perfectly horizontal.I mean, theyve aimed this tablet at the mobile executive whos going to be out of the office all day using their tablet.On top of that, the dock offers no additional ports, and no extra battery.Ive mentioned in several of my Thinkpad Tablet articles (see Related Items below) that you can quite easily input data just using the screen and either on-board keyboards or the active stylus, but that longer articles might be an issue.For my usage, Im actually not using the Trackpoint at all. .In the middle of the keyboard is what looks like an old-school ThinkPad eraserhead pointing stick-but its really oh-so-much better.

But then an additional battery would have added magic jelly bean keyfinder 1.51 even more weight to the unit.
Cornock and manual typewriters back in 1981, Im a touch typist.
Weight.43 lbs, type keyboard, movement Detection Technology optical, pointing Device / Manipulator TrackPoint.
It doesnt take too much getting use to, especially if youre used to using this sort of system before with devices like Ipaqs and O2 Atoms If your tablets screen blanks but youre not in deep sleep, swiping the Trackpoint will also wake your tablet.
The Keyboard, the keyboard itself is.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep.The leather wrapping of the folio case gives it a premium feel.Read this: Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt door lock review.The ThinkPad Tablet is already one of the chunkier tablets on the market, and the extra bulk of the Keyboard Folio Case makes it rather unwieldy from a portability standpoint.Facebook page or our, twitter feed.A lot of thought has gone into the design of this folio; from the easy pen access to the magnets to hold the base in place however, the big downside is the additional weight and bulk that the case adds.Even though the spacing is no wider than on other attachable keyboard docks, it feels roomier and more like typing on a laptop.Conclusion, this really is a good little accessory for your Thinkpad Tablet. You cant access your SD card or SIM slot, but thats no biggie really.