keyboard shortcuts windows 8 sleep

Each time you press the Windows T combination, the next application group is displayed Windows U Displays Ease of Access Center Windows P Option to Extend the display.
Shutdown -s -f form i-134 (113 kb pdf) -t 00, hybrid Shut Down.
I then told him that using a keyboard with programmable hot keys, one could easily configure a key on the keyboard to Shut down Windows.
Figure D Pressing audio rack unit dimensions the Power button is the same as selecting the Shut down command.Sign up for TechRepublic's Windows and Office newsletter!However, shutting down Windows 8 can be simplified to just pressing a key on your keyboard, pressing a button on your computer, or closing the lid on your laptop.join the Network World communities.

To immediately access the Power button settings in the Power Options tool, use the Windows W keystroke to access the Search Settings page.
Figure B, I have used Ctrl F12.
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Now, if you would rather have the Power button perform another operation, such as put Windows 8 to sleep or into hibernation mode, you can do so from the Power Options tool.To ease some of these frequent tasks and enjoy switch sound file converter keygen 4.35 the experience and robustness of Windows8, I would like to point you to the Keyboard Shortcuts which will help you adapt to the Modern Design and use Windows8 in a more efficient way.Are you interested in employing one of the keyboard or power button techniques shown in this article?Figure K On a laptop, you can configure the various operations to occur when you close the lid.As the discussion evolved, I also pointed out that you can shut down Windows 8 using the power button on your desktop PC or closing the lid on a laptop.Windows T Displays the Window Group Thumbnails on your taskbar.