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As a child, Shunpei is portrayed by Ryusei Shoji (, Shji Rysei ).
"beastbite" Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi Composition: Yoshio Nomura Arrangement: Rider Chips Artist: Rider Chips Episodes: 17-19, 34 The theme of Kamen Rider Beast.
Asdfg55544, neutral/Mixed: Opponents: Kamen Riders, showa, heisei "Neo" Heisei, kamen Rider Double.
Contents, antique Shop Omokaged edit, instructed by White Wizard to look for ring maker Shigeru Wajima following their first encounter with him, Haruto and Koyomi take shelter at his shop, the Antique Shop Omokaged Kottten Omokaged, lit.Before Nito's discovery, he was sealed within the Beast Driver for many years.Takahisa Maeyama (, Maeyama Takahisa?Later on, when Mayu returns, Medusa engages Kamen Rider Mage in a number of fights before the witch obtains the Holy Ring to settle things with her.Lanjutkan membaca, cita-cita yang mulia, lanjutkan membaca, pasukan Ga Resmi, Wiburanger!Kamen Rider Meteor, kamen Rider Wizard, kamen Rider Wiseman.It began airing.While lured into a trap intended to put her splinter cell blacklist review pc in despair so her Phantom can be born, Mayu learns that Medusa is the one who killed her parents.Xatan is a homage to Xavitan from Akumaizer 3, who is also the leader of the team.Retrieved June 27, 2012.He also has the Plamonsters White Garuda Howaito Garda ) which he later gives to Mayu and Black Cerberus Burakku Keruberosu ).

Haruto is also given the Wizardriver to become.
Koyomi is portrayed by, makoto Okunaka (, Okunaka Makoto ).
Furthermore, Koyomi learns that she died several years ago and was resurrected halfway during the first Sabbath when her father inserted a Philosopher's Stone into her body.
Kaito Nakashima (, Nakashima Kaito ).
Rinko Daimon is portrayed by Yuko Takayama (, Takayama Yko ).However, Mayu becomes a witch and Medusa is driven off by the White Wizard.Masahiro Yamamoto edit Masahiro Yamamoto (, Yamamoto Masahiro ) is a soon to be father who was attacked by the Phantom Arachne while purchasing baby items for his pregnant wife Aya Yamamoto (, Yamamoto Aya ).As Sora convinces Haruto to prod into his past, learning that he is Koyomi's father, Fueki abducts Yuzuru Iijima after he became a wizard.However, Shunpei forces himself into Haruto's life regardless, stating that although he can't use magic, he will do all he can to support a wizard.Kamen Rider Heisei Generations edit Main article: Kamen Rider Heisei Generations:.After the final battle, his son is finally born.Haruto and Kosuke go into the Donut Shop Manager's Underworld and use the powers of the Dance Ring.) Chief of Police Shoch?) Wiseman Waizuman?, Voice Toshio Furukawa (, Furukawa Toshio?