jawbone jambox diamond bluetooth speaker review

Pressing the talk button (the one with the J) pauses the music and announces the current time and the status of your battery.
The Jawbone Mini Jambox sounds great for its size.
Live Audio is a new feature that recently became available with a firmware update.
Not only does this look and feel great, it should also help to avoid any rattling joins when the volume is maxed-out (although any of that sort of thing would raise serious construction-related eyebrows).Michael Brown, the large buttons on top of the Jambox can control the Bluetooth device youre streaming your tunes from.Sticks and stones will ruin its colouful finish, making us think youd be better off with something like the.But here theres no brain games for pc hint of that.Its about 40 per cent thinner than the original Jambox, but can you really imagine keeping an inch-thick phone in your pocket?

There are a few buttons on the Mini Jambox, but none stand out too much as theyre all neatly colour-matched to the finish of the box.
A jacket pocket or bag roms nintendo ds games if much more likely to make a good home for the Mini Jambox.
Whether or not this has any huge impact on battery life (given that even with Bluetooth.0, transferring music is going to use a bit of power stamina is decent.The Mini Jambox is lovely in many respects, but it is no bargain.Facebook page or our, home office tax deduction s corp twitter feed).Further reading: The best Bluetooth speakers.Its a single piece of aluminium, aside from the soft-touch panels on each edge.The company reveals precious few details about the components that go into this speakerincluding such basic information as the number and size of its driversand the industrial design is too cute by half, but trust me: this little speaker sounds terrific for both near-field listening.Jawbone Mini Jambox Design, it purports to be all about fitting good sound into a small box, but the Jawbone Mini Jambox also cares a good deal about style.We wouldnt carry it in a pocket, and it doesnt have the rugged features of some rivals.You can download a whole variety of other voices for this function, which is fun for about five minutes before the novelty wears off.