jagged alliance back in action v1.13e patch

Stamina is not reduced anymore when the whole map belongs to thep da toi the day pdf the player (all enemies are killed).
This one has a special jungle camouflage pattern.
Laserpointer attachments reduce time to aim.Fixed Blood not liking Magic due to a typo.Can you manage to free Fox, complete the mission and mammographic imaging a practical guide save the world?Color of line drawn kamichama karin episode 2 sub indo to target now indicates ideal distance for shooting target (green ideal).The patch also adds tactical mode as option on game start: enemies have to be revealed via line of sight in tactical mode; sound sources are marked in tactical view as well as on the minimap.i key toggles inventory.

NPC traders item list is sorted by item type.
Shader bug fixed that caused incorrectly colored objects.
Changelog: Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.13 Patch.
Sound- * Sound played after last enemy on map has been killed.Kevlar helmet The latest craze in head protection is made of minimum weight/maximum efficiency-kevlar compounds and comes in a variety of camouflage flavors to fit every combatant's needs.Time to shoot is displayed as a countdown on each merc when attacking to make it more transparent that a merc is actually trying to shoot and how long it will take the merc to fire his shot.Added slight offset to grenade explosions to prevent explosions inside ground to prevent grenades damage to be reduced by terrain.Fixed mercs and militia not dropping correctly from ladders when dying while still climbing.