jackie chan adventures season 1 full episodes

Baleful Polymorph : This happens to the characters quite frequently throughout the series.
Treasure Chest Cavity : Jackie unknowingly had the map to a treasure inserted inside one of his dental fillings by a crooked orthodontist.
Then let Uncle work in peace!" "Talk later!" "Jackieeee!" Tohru: curious george paint and print studio "nyar!" "I hate fish." "Hand over the talisman when he worked for the Dark Hand.
The Dog for Immortality?
Tablecloth Yank : Several times, once with a shirt.After being attacked by minions of The Dark Hand criminal organization, Jackie is contacted by a government organization called "Section 13 led by his old friend Captain Black.It can only open the eight different portals once and only once.The sleazy antiques collector in "Enter the Cat" is a nod to Sydney Greenstreet's character in The Maltese Falcon.Similarly, during one of these fights, world of subways vol 3 key generator Hak Foo activates the Tiger Talisman (without splitting it) and boasts that with the Power of Balance, he cannot be knocked down.Evil Sorcerer : There are eight demon sorcerers who make up the Big Bad Ensemble of the second season, with one of them, Shendu, acting as the primary antagonist for a good chunk of the show.Couch Gag : The opening sequence will change only slightly each season.All the villains are the standard Take Over the World variety, and all the demons seem to be Always Chaotic Evil.Played with in the Old West episode, where Jade assumes that the sheriff's niece was her counterpart, only for Jackie to mention she's described differently.The only character whose physical appearance is actually described is Jade's counterpart, and she's outright stated to be nothing like Jade, being 15 years old and much taller.The Oni Masks cause the wearers' faces (and sometimes their whole bodies) to look like that of the Oni demon possessing them.Ratso flat-out states it: "No way he's human." No MacGuffin, No Winner : At the start of season three, Jackie destroys the Talismans so that neither the Dark Hand nor Daolon Wong can get their hands on them.

Magic Versus Science : Science has its uses in its own field, but is ultimately incapable of doing anything significant against the magical villains the cast runs into.
Shendu does this to him twice, first when he initially regains his demon form, and again to show that he's powerful even while possessing Valmont.
Then, whenever the good guys had to face off with Po Kong, the Mountain Demon."Magic must defeat magic.Lo Pei referring to Shendu as "The Ultimate Darkness".Chew Toy : Jackie, though he's very, very good at dealing with.The Enforcers were forcibly turned into Daolon Wong's new Dark Chi Warriors after his old ones were sealed away during Season.That's redundant!" Not much later, he's plowed into the roof of a tunnel.