issues with quickbooks 2014

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But its not a good idea to freeze your installation of Windows and stop updating.
Intuit Check Solutions should no longer process transactions in QuickBooks 2014 (you can still process outside of QB).
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Third party add-on products should not be directly affected by this but you should check with your vendor to see what their policy.QuickBooks 2017 isnt supported on all of the quickbooks enterprise 2013 trial operating systems that QuickBooks 2014 worked.If you subscribe to the QuickBooks Pro Plus and QuickBooks Premier Plus programs, you are paying a monthly subscription fee, and therefore the latest version is available to you for no additional charge.Move to any online accounting product and youll (almost) always be using the most current version of that product.Intuit has been moving to subscription pricing for several years now.This behavior is quite revealing.We're protecting the customer.Live Technical Support will no longer be available.

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Once the Windows update was installed, their computer couldnt run QuickBooks anymore.
For details beyond what I provide here see this.
Services Discontinued for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Mac 2014.The services I list above are specifically mentioned, but I believe that a number of other services will no longer be available.By failing to safeguard my credit card information given to Intuit's TurboTax division in April 2017.I wont address why they do it, or if I think it is a good practice, Ill just discuss what the impact will be on your business.Sorry, no magic bullet for the old stuff.Or they dont get zombie shooting games for an error message, but QuickBooks wont run all of a sudden.During this time I could not have dental work done because of this inexcusable behavior which negatively impacted my available credit.