ipad 4.3 1 update

However when I do it keeps decking card.
How can I force an update or should I back up, do a restore then restore the backup to contact my ebay account manager get my data back?
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The message state a particular app and a particular number of apps can not update.or installation, see last line.) I believe the wi-fi source it was downloading from just shut down (it does that sometimes) but I'm actually not sure what caused the frozen screen.Always backup an iPhone or iPad before attempting to install system software updates.I had an automatic request to update my IOS system on my IPad.Updating to iOS.3.1 from iOS.3 makes the update fairly small, weighing in around 32MB.Carrier Setting Update Ipad 3 - Message - "New Setting Are Available Would You Like To Update Them Now?".

Unable To Update/cant Update IBooks App Via App Store?
Can I just do the normal update process or is it cleaner to do a fresh install?
After waiting about an hour, I tried to turn the iPad off - failed, it wouldn't turn off.
Where else could it be pulling the old account name/email address from?
I have checked card to what I have entered.The picture was: A black screen, a white apple logo and a solid line stuck magic 106.7 stream url about halfway through doing what it should do (midway under the apple.).Whenever I try to update it (It's a free update from apple).The application asks me to input a password but the email/account name is an old one so my password doesn't match.Info: iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi, iOS.1.1.Info: iPad, iOS.1 View 2 Replies Getting A Message That Certain Apps Cannot Update Since IOS 5 Update Apr 6, 2012 My iPad 1 and ipod 3 has been giving the same message since the last iOS update.