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He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Russia Today.
The speech is pitch shifted up and down as the voices do battle or, in complete contradiction, complement one another.
My producer at Radio Totalnormal did decide to air it eventually, but then it was cropped down further, to only a minute.
Marie Wennersten Title/Titel: Röst I Röst II, 1:19 A 1 min piece made of two single voices Röst I is a few seconds longer than Röst II röst voice) a new piece made of a recording I made a couple of weeks ago with game h 18 pc the.
Each melodic gesture thus built up, one note at a time, by each player alternately.The following artists are taking part in the 24-hour radio broadcast dubbelradio on the 21st - 22nd of September from.00 noon.00 noon (more to be announced Andreas Hald Oxenvad, Anna Kindgren, Anselm Caminada, Carina Gunnars, Dave Allen, Dinah Bird, Dj Sotofett, Dixie.Från hemsidan: Det har kommit till vår kännedom att psykiska gerillor har börjat att formera sig runt om i landet.His totally unique approach to sound plunderphonics and visual art have led game home run 2 him to work with some of the most respected people in his field, including the Turntable Hell tour with Otomo Yoshihide.Selina Springet Title/Titel: Love Bytes.

Art and Digital Media at Royal College of Art, Stockholm.
The supposed sync offset of the two stations broadcasting dubbelradio beautifully matches our concept, since the idea was to create a new original piece with every listening turn.
Dixie Treichel is a composer, sound artist and broadcaster from Minneapolis, MN, USA.
10.40 Andreas Hald Oxenvad Title/titel: Double Radio in the radio in the radio in the radio - AbsorbRedirectAmplify, 60:27 Broadcast 1: Recorded Performance on 4 radios connected to a mixer, connected to a guitar amp.Broadcast 2: Invitation to play the radio.As an organizer and curator he is running the most active gallery in Oslo, ONO Gallery, in cooperation with Tito Frey, Mohammed Fadlabi and Jon Benjamin Tallerås.At Världsbiblioteket, Solidaritetshuset, Tegelviksgatan 40 Friday, September 20th, 2 pm - 6 pm Open House, iaspis, Maria skolgata.Since 2009 they run Konsthall323, an art-space in a red Golf.It is also possible to switch between or modify the balance of the channels and create ones own mix rise of nations thrones and patriots expansion pack of the piece without its continuity being lost.Nor is it conceptual sound art since the aesthetic aspects of a piece are just as important to me as the underlying ideas.08.30 Noish and Xedh ( oscar martin and miguel.