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Many of the first season's episodes are now mostly seen as So Okay, It's Average.
Their entire shtick is "I liked X before X was cool!" If X becomes even the least bit popular, they decry.
Somewhat ironic, as Rei Ayanami in his Neon Genesis Evangelion is considered the Trope Codifier of moe, if only because of a Misaimed Fandom.
Film - Live-Action Austin Powers is this combined with a bit of Hype Backlash too, as surely you'd be annoyed that everyone was reciting the catchphrases by the time the second movie came out.
Considering that, how fair is it that Kelly Kelly comes to WWE with no wrestling experience and gradually takes over the entire division, much like Trish had a few years before?First-person shooters are also frequent scapegoats of people who hold the assumption that their fandom of "cerebral" games such as Silent Hill somehow makes them more intelligent than the primates who play Call of Duty,.The Norwegian singer had a huge success in Italy and Japan prince of persia the forgotten sands cd key (of all places!) with her first album, Playing my game.(Funnily enough most of them started complaining when the fandom was already huge.) Bleach.His response: Barney's not a dinosaur!Generation.5 is widely-hated by even the most hardcore fans.While there is some truth to the criticism, like in the AMF days where build quality has gone down to rubbish, some contend that this has been exacerbated by riders doing shoddy modifications to their vehicles, resulting to frequent breakdowns and rebuilds.

Homestuck has a pretty substantial one, largely due to the fandom just one day suddenly showing up and invading anime cons in cosplay like an infestation of cockroaches, despite Homestuck not being an anime note ignoring how dozens up dozens of non-anime fandoms get zero backlash.
Likewise, if the artist becomes a raging egomaniacal tool who believes that they can treat their fans like dirt and don't need to listen to their critics or higher ups, things might go downhill fast.
Kirby gets this reaction from a small number of game reviewers and fans of other Nintendo series, due to the series' Tastes Like Diabetes aesthetic (the frequent Nightmare Fuel notwithstanding) and the easiness of the games in order to make them accessible to small children.
By the time 1970s nostalgia swept America in the mid-'90s, disco had become so inextricably identified with the decade that spawned it that - for a while, at least - it effectively buried all other (usually more serious or "harder pop music genres from that.
This is where it overcrosses with the Nostalgia Filter ; since some of these same people were complaining about spending months getting their characters attuned.Dora the Explorer : Particularly to those who hate being treated like they have the memory of a goldfish.The huge media coverage (including being the focal point of one of m's April Fools' Day pranks) didn't help.However, when they decide to play the gig that they refused to play before, (since it's the opposite of what they would do) the same little boy from earlier calls them sellouts again, saying the real Dethklok would never play.Fans of Rugrats are well-aware that the Executive Meddling that brought the sponge to popularity is also the crushing blow to their beloved show, and thus react accordingly with Hype Backlash.E-rated games that are not Kirby, Mario, Pokémon, or something else that is well known, get this from older players.(Though some episodes, particularly the infamous and nonsensical "Fart Baby" episode are still widely disliked.) It still has a number of detractors, though, so it's not completely an aversion to this trope.In an Adventure with Scientists!, Frankenweenie, and ParaNorman ).