install snow leopard parallels desktop 8

If you have a Snow Leopard Server DVD: Use Disk Utility to make disk image files from both the Server DVD and the standard Mac OVD.
DVD/CD master and, encryption to none and create the disk image on your Desktop.
They have been tested with.Click Hard Disk.My Account, uS / English, available article translations: Installing Mac Onow Leopard Server as Guest.I have checked, system Requirements for my version of Parallels el nombre del viento pdf Desktop and it says that those operating systems are supported as guest OSes.Sep, 8 2017, internal error 16777216, aug, 31 2017.Fire up the virtual machine, and you should be running the regular version of Snow Leopard.Follow on screen instructions.Next approach is to install Snow Leopard into Parallels using my instructions over on the MacRumors forum linked above.Sep, /00000006 Insufficient rights available to service your request.So the trick is to figure out how to get Snow Leopard into a Parallels virtual HD (.hdd file).Find Snow Leopard OS (if it is listed) or click.

(Keep in mind that its only me, Ivan Drucker, and not IvanExpert the company, explaining how to do this, and Im not recommending.
Install Windows or another OS from DVD or image file and click, continue.
I am not a lawyer, I am not responsible for anything that happens, etc, etc.).
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New and enter your account password when requested.Locate manually and choose, image File drag the Snow Leopard image file (for example r) created in step 1 above, and then click.Feedback, was this article helpful?Go to the Utilities menu and choose Terminal. .Parallels only lets you install the Server version of Snow Leopard.My mistake: I have been in London (until this Monday) with limited computer time and I confused which thread I was responding.Commenters have reported that it doesnt work on Parallels Desktop.If Automatic Detection fails, in the next window select Mac OS X and click.Click on CD/DVD and assign the Snow Leopard Server disk image.