install mountain lion using internet recovery

Im guessing Apple saw this as a dil mil gaye serial all episodes way of simplifying things for these older Macs which cant have their original OS (Snow Leopard) installed; it guarantees that someone whos never even touched a Mac before could take a completely empty machine and get.
Choosing this item and clicking Continue launches Safari (with default settings and bookmarks) to let you browse Apples Support site, or any other website, to find answers to troubleshooting problems.
Although its nice to have the option to install OS X from within recovery mode, having to download the installer data is inconvenientand if you have a metered Internet connection, it could be quite expensive, as well.When you click Continue on the initial installer screen, youll get a dialog stating, To download and restore OS X, your computers eligibility stellar phoenix mac 6 keygen will be verified with Apple.If you have a 2010 or Early 2011 model Mac, and have current firmware updates applied to it, you can boot it into Internet Recovery.If you were using Boot Camp, youd then use Boot Camp Assistant to set up Boot Camp again, and then restore your Boot Camp data.However, in my testing, this didnt work on every Internet Recovery-capable Mac.Get Help Online: Browse the Apple Support website to find help for your Mac.So if your Mac shipped with.11, and you updated.12, then: Internet Recovery will install.11, recovery will install.12, if your Mac shipped with.11 and you updated.12.4, then: Internet Recovery will install.13 (or later).

If a Mac shipped with macOS.3 or earlier, then Internet Recovery will install whatever version of macOS shipped on the Mac, even if the Mac had previously been updated.
Select Recovery HD and then click the upward-pointing arrow below it to boot from Recovery.
Otilities in large text across the top.
If that keyboard shortcut doesnt work for you, the answer is generally, You cant unless you really need.
Instead, youll need to reinstall the OS (see the next item) and then use the Mountain Lion Setup Assistant to transfer your data from that Time Machine backup.Keep holding these keys until you see a window with.Recovery will install.12.4.Boot again to Internet Recovery (after powering computer press and hold altcmdr) and before attempting to reinstall OS X open Disk Utility and check if HDD is listed on the side bar on the left.Unlike standard recovery mode, which uses software on a partition of your Macs drive, Internet Recovery uses a combination of code stored in your Macs firmware and a net-boot image stored on Apples servers.One other difference between standard recovery mode and Internet Recovery is that when you boot into Internet Recovery, the system tests your Macs RAM and its hard drive to see if either has any obvious hardware problems.If the Mac shipped with macOS.4 or later, or was upgraded.4 or later, then Internet Recovery will install the most recent version of macOS that is supported on that Mac.Why you might not have a Recovery HD partition.Unfortunately, if you didnt already have a Recovery HD partition from a previous Lion installation, and the Mountain Lion installer cant create the partition, you cant add it later.