increase image size photoshop cs4

Make sure you enter pixel values.
Im resizing this image from 543 pixels kuroko no basketball episode 1 down to 300 pixels wide.
We are going to cover the basic tools in this article.At any time, I can go back and select the Crop tool and then click on the image again, and all the pixels that I cropped away appear back in view and I can change my crop.Once you double click, only the area inside of the rectangle will appear in the workspace.Now we are ready to use the Magic Wand Tool.About Pixels and Resolution, the pixel dimensions (width and height) of an image are simply the number of pixels, along with an image's width or height.Members get instant access to all of SitePoints ebooks and interactive online courses, like.You have to close the image for the Lasso tool to work.From here, you can decide if you want to delete, or hide, the area you have cropped away.

Click to add to an existing selection.
Now, here's a bonus tip: if you wanted an image to have different proportions, say 900 by 400, rather than 900 by 600 in this case, the best way to achieve that would be avira vs avast 2015 to use another tool, the Crop tool, which we're going.
Simply select the Magic Wand Tool, then select the color, or consistently colored object, that you want to select.The Lasso Tool You can use the Lasso tool to draw free-form selections.And then I'm going to go up to the Options bar and click the Checkmark to finalize my crop.The interpolation method you use will help determine the quality of the image after resampling.I'll press Command Z on the Mac, Ctrl Z on a PC to undo.Move it out and away to expand the area.