hidden mysteries titanic game

Remove the bowling evolution 2.1 keygen Golf Club Click on the james cameron's avatar the game crack sparkles to start the second Hidden Object Scene of the chapter.
Click on the Use the Baking Soda and then the Scrub Brush to clean the valve.
Zoom into the grate; open it with the blowtorch and pick up the harpoon GUN (Z).Place the diavit hook on the chain (V) and attach it to the ship (W).Use the Mini Screwdriver to remove endure carrie jones pdf the screw, and take the Magnifying Lens.Zoom into the locker; cut the door open with the metal shears and pick up the gate KEY (P).

The Oxygen Tank blew out a large hole in the ships hull.
Click on the Crane, and use the Crowbar to remove the Received the David Crank.
Rip open the mattress to find the second Pool Ball.Many sections of the story are randomized; the solutions will vary from game to game.Return to the Underwater Bar.Complete the scene to get the Tie Down Straps.Place the WAX ball near the fire and pick up the anchor trinket (G).Leave the Engine Room.Click on the doorway, and close to drawer to get the fourteenth Pool Ball.