hay day new game

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Will you make money by simply selling your produce or will you convert it into more valuable goods?
Turn your wheat into bread, make butter and cheese from your milk, convert sugarcane into white and brown sugar, and.
Take good care of them and theyll take good care of you down the line.Harvested and collected goods can be used to produce even bigger and more complicated goods.When the server goes offline and players can't play, there will sometimes be an apology gift from the game makers, consisting of diamonds.Same Old, Some New If youve played FarmVille or its many knockoffs, then Hay Day should be immediately familiar to you.

Produce Even More Exotic Goods, you have your wheat and you have your milk.
For you who want to play it but you are not Android users, however you can play it on your personal computer.
Part 2 Lucky sources 1, wait for gifts.
At the start, leveling up isn't too hard as the amount of experience points needed isn't too high.
Before showing you the tips, we would like to share about the game features first.DFG Exclusive Review Summary, pros, gorgeous environments populated by cute-looking animals.The call is entirely yours and the power to choose is literally at dota map hack latest your fingertips with Hay Day!Its a very welcome change.If you didnt like all the other farm sims out there, Hay Day will do little to change your mind.