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The Wii remote grafted to the barrel of the rifle allows you to aim the gun independently to the direction you are facing with the Oculus headset; a realistic if not confusing concept.
From its grassroots upbringing through crowdfunding to its multibillion dollar buyout by Facebook last week, Palmer Luckeys immersive headset, which tracks the head movements of the wearer to plunge them into virtual environments, has grabbed the attention of independent and international developers alike.
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Title: N/A, oculus Rift: N/A, art: Banner profile picture was created by the incredible talent Lyosacks.
Read more, kSic's Insane Second Channel, VR Quicksand!Today we play some Hatsune Miku games in virtual reality!Another creator, known on Twitter as goroman, had created MikuMikuAkushu, which allows you to share a room with virtual pin-up Hatsune Miku and was accompanied with a robotic hand, which you could staples paper cd sleeves shake to interact with the CGI idol.One of my favorite ways in which the Oculus was used was by yytune of Nico-Tech ( who had combined a high-performance PC running shooting game Battlefield 4, an airsoft replica rifle with a Wii Remote strapped to the barrel and a Rift to make.We believe virtual reality is the future, if you do as well, let's experience it together.Play With Hatsune Miku In Virtual Reality!Content from :.The thumbstick on a Wii Nunchuk Controller held in your left hand allows you to move around.Drunk Spider-Man Simulator In VR:.M/KaremKasic, game Played And Download Link!

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Having lived through the rise and fall of many innovations that were reportedly the future of gaming, I was naturally skeptical of the Rift and its place in the industry, so I jumped at the chance to attend Osakas OcuFes on March 29 to find.
Kobayashi was noticeably anxious that his program be well received, so nervous in fact that for my very first experience with the Oculus Rift, he forgot to attach any lenses, so it was sickeningly blurry and I was left wondering why this vomit-inducing kit had.Subscribe To KSic In VR Now!Even so, there was still a sizeable crowd of people at the event who had just 15 minutes or so to peruse the various stalls, before being asked to wait outside so that the next cycle of curious customers could have a glance.But although the Rift was founded and supported by gamers and developers, I personally do not see it as the future of mainstream gaming; instead of being a bridge to immerse gamers in experiences, it feels like a barrier that stops that experience being.There was a little scope in the demographic, with a handful of international guests, a few women and even one or two children.What Is KSic In Virtual Reality?