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Brown, Commissioner, Virginia Department of Social Services 05/20/2014 Trial court erred in affirming appellees finding that appellant was a person responsible for the childs care; administrative finding of appellee vacated 1510132 George.
V Commonwealth of Virginia No TC error re: app.
Shooltz v Jane Hoffman Shooltz 04/28/1998 Corrections on page 17 and Jane Hoffman Shooltz v Thomas.08/14/2007 Commission did not aliens vs predator 2010 lan play err in finding that employer is subject to the Workers Compensation Act and that appellee sustained an injury by accident; commission erred in finding that appellee suffered a continuing disability; award affirmed in part, reversed in part and case remanded 2661063.Commonwealth No error in trial courts procedure for replacing the excused jury pool member; appellants convictions are affirmed 1527051 William Allen Morgan.Williams/DMV etc v Cooper Bailey Terry tc erred in reversing the Order of Revocation and Suspension 0669941 William.Timothy Ranney Trial court did not err in classification of the parties property or in the distribution of the marital estate 1225043 Robert.Arbuckle 04/30/1996 tc erred in not appraising prop.Andrea Anderson 06/26/2007 Circuit court did not abuse its discretion when it declined to exercise jurisdiction over the custody petition filed by father or when it deferred to the authority of the White Earth Court; judgment affirmed 0229062 Linda Fay Groves, s/k/a Linda Faye Groves.

Wilson v Commonwealth of Virginia 01/26/1999 Appt's chkpoint unlawful/ized should've been supp 1513974 Frank Ernest Miller,.
And North American Speicality Insurance Company 05/18/2004 The Commission's determination that employer's application did not violate Commission Rule.4 was not in error.
Louise Ball tc erred in increasing child support 1108943 Perdue Farms, Inc.
12/19/2000 Trial court err re legal representation; civil contempt 0170004 John.Jacob Thomas Mattox.Elle catches Chutney in a lie when she says she had gotten a perm done less than 24 hours prior to the incident.07/13/2004 Trial court's decision upholding administrative support order requiring appellant to reimburse Divison for benefits extended on behalf of her minor child affirmed; Code Section.2-1908 does not preclude assessment of debt against appellant 0372033 Richard Ruleman Hughes,., Shannon Wayne Hughes Shawn William Hughes.Milot 12/23/2014 Trial court erred in awarding retroactive child support, arrearage, and interest for the interim period between the date of dismissal of divorce action and the date of a request for that support in a newly instituted cause 0939131 Jonathan Marquis Holley.1574032 Floyd contract wars hack pc Gordon Clements.2220932 Jeffrey Torrance Johnson v Commonwealth 10/17/1995 search seizure legal under Fourth Amendment 1065952 Commonwealth v Jonathan Lamont Spencer 10/16/1995 tc did not err in motion to suppress evidence 0246942 Willie.Anonymous C and Albemarle County Department of Social Services 04/29/2008 Trial courts order vacated where despite parties stipulation to the nonspecific finding of abuse by juvenile court, trial court was required to hear evidence and make findings on the issue in order to allow the.