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Correspondence Chapters 203-206 Episodes 126-128 After telling the Otsu fanclub that the only girl for them is Otsu, Shinpachi receives a letter in a bottle asking him if it was fate that brought them together.
But doing such a thing somehow lands Gintoki a place in the slammers!
Sougo and Gintoki bring Mitsuba home when Mitsuba asks about Hijikata.
One day, a wavy-haired guy named Sakata Gintoki appears claiming to be the main character!?What unthinkable mess does Gin-san fall into for inquiring about it!?Gintama Episode 335 Subbed, november 5, 2017, gintama Episode 328 Subbed.Scroll Gintama is copyrighted to Hideaki Sorachi copy2003-2013.Gintama Episode 314 Subbed, march 9, 2016, gintama Episode 313 Subbed.

Monkey Hunter Chapters 189-192 Episodes 121-123 The TV's talking about alien abduction and Shinpachi finds out that he's a victim.
The mark on Mitsuba's hand is the same Tattoo on Nami's arm from One Piece.
Sougo states that the reason Mitsuba put off getting married for so long was because of him.Popularity Contest Chapters 265-268 Episodes 182-184 After the second character poll, some characters aren't taking tmpgenc xpress 4.7 full crack the results very well.Jugem Chapters 314-315 Episodes 221-222 The Yagyu family is ordered to train a mischievous pet monkey for the shogun's relative.The anime-ordered list contains stories which took at least 2 episodes.Gintoki is wearing a Tony Tony Chopper's hat from One Piece.