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Teachers mark the controlled assessment tasks using criteria we provide, and we moderate them.
Controlled Assessment Tasks for cohort starting Year 11 in Sept 2012 (S/IF/55/12) (PDF Last Updated: 20 September 2012.
E Moderation FAQs (PDF Last Updated: E Moderation presentation Oct 2015 (PDF Last Updated: E-Moderation Agreement Trial Information Pack - Autumn 2016 (PDF Last Updated: E-Moderation Summer 2016 Agreement Trials Handout (PDF Last Updated: 15 December 2015.
Also attached are specimen assessment materials.
We will hold support events in March and April 2011 in preparation for first teaching in September 2011.Request for Early Release Papers / Confidential Instructions (S/IF/52/13) (PDF Last Updated: Terminal and Re-sit Rules (S/IF/23/13) (PDF Last Updated: Candidate Record Sheets - Controlled Assessment (First teaching - September 2011) (PDF Last Updated: 20 September 2012.Chemistry Unit windows vista sp2 x64 iso 1 (C1 structures, Trends and Chemical Reactions Chemistry Unit 2 (C2) Further Chemical Reactions and Organic Chemistry Physics Unit 1 (P1) Force and Motion, Energy, Moments and Radioactivity Physics Unit 2 (P2) Waves, Sound and Light, Electricity, and the Earth and Universe Practical.Students entered for the Higher Tier can be awarded grades A*A*DD.We have divided this course into seven compulsory units: Unit, content, biology Unit 1 (B1).

Students answer questions relating to their own work, demonstrating scientific knowledge and understanding.
The skills needed to complete the controlled assessment tasks should form part of normal classroom teaching and learning as an integral part of teachers schemes of work.
Amendment to specification (S/IF/43/12) (PDF Last Updated: 06 September 2012.
Our gcse Double Award Science specification is available at both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier.Related Circulars, gCSE Chemistry and gcse Double Award Science Chemistry Teacher Guidance (S/IF/30/15) (PDF Last Updated: BBC gcse Bitesize Science (S/IF/61/14) (PDF Last Updated: Controlled Assessment Tasks (CATs) (S/IF/84/13) (PDF Last Updated: 06 December 2013.Controlled Assessment General Guidance (PDF Last Updated: 23 September 2011.From 2013, students will be able to receive two different grades in their double award qualification, daddy long legs audiobook such as AB.They draw a blank table to record the results of their experiment, and carry out a risk assessment.