game syphon filter ps2

You can wear medals by using the modify agent option.
Unlockable Ranks Each rank awards you a bonus weapon.
Ellison Warner Award: Belarus 2: destroy scud missile, Yemen 2: destroy scud firing mechanism, and Myanmar: recover flight recorder.
Unlockable Medals and Weapons, medals will also unlock bonus weapons and items.The voice acting seems to be all over the place.Item: Increased Health Survival Tactics Expert: No player deaths in all missions.Overall, while the game is terrible generic in my mind, and filled with absolutely mind numbing plot devices, I'd personally say that the game is maybe worth picking up at least once- even if it's just to tase a bad health partners bloomington 8170 corporate office guy until they want.All DK's games are in good used condition, cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work, and backed by our 120 day warranty.Item: DSC-1, presidents paint shop pro 7 deformation tool Official Liberty Award: Carthage 3: complete DPE order on Masson, Italy: assassinate Dimitriby the bell tower at 3:00 PM, Belarus 1: Eliminate Zhidkov, Kyrgyzstan: poison hack tool cookie run Saydahmats water chalice, Myanmar: eliminate Than Muang.

Item: SR-15, stoneman, Gary: Complete all objectives in Italy, Belarus 1 and.
Item: US M60 E3, medal of Distinction: Beat single player mission deadline on all missions.
Upon loading into the first level an enemy ran up to me while I was figuring out the controls and I was able to test every single button (shooting him once in the process) and not once did any of his shots hit.The stages can be relatively lengthy for a new player to the title who is still learning where each bad guy is, and where all the weapons and items are located through out each scenario.Tactical Explosives Specialist Intermediate (100 grenade kills M61 Frag Grenade Advanced (200 grenade kills Incendiary Grenade Expert (350 grenade kills Sarin nerve agent Elite (500 grenade kills M79 Team Efficiency Specialist Intermediate (2 multiplayer par times M1 Super 90 Advanced (4 multiplayer par times Shot.The rest of the cast is absolutely riddled with God awful accents that seem heavily over acted and had me wanting to find a way to just disable the voices overall.The second level comprises mainly of the.C.Generally in a well made pre-rendered cutscene you're not supposed to have the ability to point to a background element (since the story is achingly boring to the point that you're likely paying more attention to anything but the plot) such as a window and.