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Created by the popular Ronimo Games, Awesomenauts is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows and Mac platforms.
The game offers playability on both iOS and Android platforms, and it offers only Single player experience.
Smite Win One Smite is a wonderful Third-person Action and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (moba) video game by Hi-Rez Studios.
Being a wonderful combination of Hack and Slash and Shooting and transforming elements, this game provides with a truly out of this world experience.Your task in the game is to train your Dragon pack and engage yourself into epic Arena-based battles against other dragon riders while wielding amazing weapons and using 3D Combat DLC Exploration lol north america client Fantasy Multiplayer Online PVP Quest Team Based Video Website Games Like Dragons and.Demigod Win Demigod is an immersive, Action-Adventure, moba, Fantasy, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Stardock Entertainment.Strife Steam Win Mac Linux Strife is a wonderful Action-Adventure and moba video game that totally redefines this specific genre with amazing new aesthetics like enhanced mechanics, new characters, skills and abilities, weapons etc.This Action-packed sequel to Dota lets you engage yourselves into epic team-based combat matches and allows you to be part of a 5 member team, fight against another team, defeat them and save your Ancients.Cronix Online Win Cronix Online is a superb new Action-Adventure and moba video game that offers an Action-based game-play.The Incarnates roster includes, among others,.This game has three different modes for you to enjoy the amazing game play.The game lets you be a mighty entity, take part in arena-based combat events, use your special powers and advanced tactics to defeat your enemies (Online Players NPCs etc.Games Like Minions.
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You can play as single player and you have option to play as online cooperative players.
Minions is a cool Browser-based moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game.
Set in the Distant Future, the game lets you control 3D Co-op Combat Exploration Multiplayer PVE PVP Sci-Fi Single-Player Video Website Games Like Awesomenauts.Happy Wars Win Online 360 One Happy Wars is a cool moba and Action-Adventure video game.Magicka Win Magicka is a wonderful Fantasy, Action-Adventure plus Hack and Slash game by Arrowhead Game Studios.The game offers Browser-based playability and variety in gameplay that truly is fantastic as compared to a lot of other moba video games.The newer version of the game needs more 3D Co-op Combat Exploration Multiplayer PVE Single-Player Video Website Games Like Legendary Heroes.This game is all about fighting against the enemies, looting their resources Co-op DLC mmorpg Multiplayer Online Quest Skill Video Website Games Like Happy Wars.The game takes place in the stunning environment filled with thousands of players around the world.