game campfire legends the last act

Look closer at the camera control pad.
Zoom in on the area under the stairs (B).
Go forward one page.
View the following screen shots for the ending positions of the buttons for each camera.
Campfire Legends: The Last Act is a Hidden Object winzip para windows 95 Game played on the PC created by Absolutist for GameHouse Studios.Examine the page for a clue for the next step.Find the scarf (A).Pick up the nine circuit plug wires from the toolbox.A correctly positioned piece locks into place.Welcome to the, campfire Legends: The Last Act walkthrough on Gamezebo.A door handle and PEG are added to the find list.When Reggie regains consciousness, Ashley is missing.Look closer at the lower part of the clock to find the KEY (yellow).Collect the four batteries.Take the USB drive.Pick up the diary page on the stairs (A).

Place the numbered parts in their corresponding numbered position as shown above.
Pick up the three fuses in the stair area.
Go back to the camera control area by the bear.Look closer at the door.Take the green piece.Find two more steps among the debris.Hand Interact with an object: pick up an item, open a door or move an object.Firefly locations are random and appear in scenes throughout the game.Right click to rotate a fuse.