football manager 2011 save games

You are a sad, sad person if you do, but help is at hand with the mega facepack which contains over 80,000 images of players, staff and officials from all over the world.
Click through for the mods, and details of how to download.
This is one for the completionists out there who want to run a game with the maximum number of players and staff as possible.
Not sure if my vpn client windows 7 64 bit pcf account has a download limit and there is a wait to get.If Genie Scout isn't enough of a sneaky cheat for your taste, then maybe.In recent years Valencia have won back to back titles and Almeria won it 3 seasons ago but now Real Madrid have won two in a row.Bigger is Better, bigger is always better, or so I hear they say.Help is at hand with.Why would it not be possible?Then drop the contents of any updates in there as well.It will slow down your computer if you don't have a enough power, but remember, bigger is better, so get your PC upgraded so you can enjoy the thrills of seeing all the most awful players in the game.I uploaded my holidayed 2060 save game so I could sent it to another user on these forums and to a couple of mates.If you fancy enhancing the look of the game check out our.Hi chaps, Am I missing a trick?

You don't have to do things accurately, who ever said that Liverpool's home kit needs to be red?
But if you go ahead and make all these changes, you have to ask yourself where the challenge will.
FMGenie is an independent program, so just install it wherever you like and point it towards your Football Manager save.England has been dominated by Man United, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City at one time or another, only Newcastle and Everton have ever broken these teams hold on the top 3 places.You can put that phrase into practice with this simple mod which gives you access to the 'Huge' database.Shirt Designing, there are numerous team kits in Football Manager which are just plain wrong and some that are just God awful.Then load the game, go to preferences, untick 'Use Skin Cache' and tick 'Reload Skin on Confirm'.Why not turn it bright pink?The game has England down to BSP and the top two leagues in Spain and Italy loaded.I advise caution with this one, windows xp home product key sp2 you don't want to make the game a cake walk.Smart Shirt Designer 2, a tool which does as it says on the tin; it allows you to design new shirts for Football Manager.