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As Merlock xplite per windows 7 goes to attack a second time, Bindi in Master form stops him, telling him she will not allow him to hurt anyone.
In the original dub, none of the powers receive move names.
This means he just appears without any explanation at all.
Red Eyes, Take Warning : Most of the Con forms of the Time Shifters have that.Dorimon - taken from "Dolly" and "mon" Others follow the spirit of the scheme, but are complete whole words Eldora" comes from the city "Eldorado.These doppelgangers are all a Call-Back to episodes in which these characters really did temporarily turn on Flint (Sara is the Giant Sara from "Muscles Tony the winged Tony from "Wing Merlock the monstrous, Uglinator-controlled Merlock from "Uglinator" and Rocky the evil Rocky from "Rocky.As the golem-like Moah-master, he can call the giant stone Moai to summon a seawall to prevent a tidal wave from washing up the island.Tony suddenly remembers they never finished Miss Iknow's test which cues their departure battle run s2 hack from the timeline.Enemy Mine : Used in the penultimate episode where Petra and her minions ally with Flint in fighting the Dark Lord.You Gotta Have Blue Hair : Green hair for Ptera Fina, Sara's pink, Merlock's lavender, Dark Lord's blue, quite a few.Edit, details, country: hunter x hunter episode 103 bahasa indonesia Japan, france, language: English, release Date: (Japan see more ยป.One of the most blatant examples is "Musey in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven are seen working together (though in this case, it is lampshaded by Old Timer at the end of the episode that in real life the two men never.Terrible Trio : Petra Fina, Dino, and Mite.

Series Continuity Error : The main characters live in the 25th century, so somewhere between 24Yet, when they travel back to the year 2000 in "The Cardians Flint, Sara and Tony meet a teenage version.
These are removed like most sound effects in the English dub.
Flint takes another swing at Merlock, this time the blow lands directly on the Uglinator, who being made only of bone, feels the blow directly.
Cosmic Keystone : The great clock in the Land of Time; if it stops, the clock in the Land of Dread below starts up, and history is recreated into a world ruled by evil.She then pleas with Flint to do whatever it takes to bring Merlock back.A tear falls on his hand, and the mark is lifted.Furthermore, no one seems to have a problem with allowing Flint to keep Getalong permanently.Flint draws his attention to Merlock, who he comments is strong, Merlock returns the compliment.Gender changes, the following characters had their genders changed; Pterry (originally female Leafy (originally female Nascal (originally female Eldora (origianlly male Talen (originally male Doron (originally female).