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Alba seduces Eugenies father and thereby convinces him to let the couple borrow the innocent virgin!
1986, xxx, women in prison) portugeuse language with gta ra one cheats NO subtitles Directed by Fauzi Mansur, Brazil Starring Neusa Dias, Márcia Ferro, Custódio Gomes,.
Apocalipsis Sexual (1982, erotic crime drama, XXX) uncut XXX composite edit IN spanish language with NO subtitles wide-screen picture Directed by Carlos Aured Sergio Bergonzelli, Spain Nice wide-screen picture on this upgrade!
Sergeant Brown, who, in his envy of golden "fly boy" Joe, forces him to escort Carmen to jail against Joe's will and so facilitates the seduction that proves to be the ruin of Joe Roy Glenn.
This campy film definitely coulda' used more nudity and with that cast one wonders why they didn't!Once in their grasp she is forced into a world of drugs and perverse sexual games which end in murder!Escape from Women's Prison (original Italian title: Le Evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze, 1978, roughie) english language uncut version Directed by Giovanni Brusadori, Italy Decent exploitation flick with a slightly misleading title as the film starts with a jail break and all.Groupie Girl (aka I Am A Groupie, 1970, sex drama) english language Directed by Derek Ford, UK Esme Jones is the low-key but chubby-inducing groupie of the title.While enjoying a few sexual hijinx (both from the male jailers as well as the female inmates!) she plots an escape.In December 1953, he accepted 750,000 and began what became a prolonged preproduction period.

A must for Erika Blanc fans!
The incongruity is pointed when these people break into song to the wholly surprising and unnatural aria airs from Bizet's opera.
Also starring Elke Lefebre, Renate Ahlers, Trixi Drexler, Lydia Linley, Paulette Kahn, Bodil Eckhardt, Anita Holm and Babsi Lüdemann.Another entetaining mess from Eurocine!Will he escape before it is too late?This tongue-in-cheek sex drama is famous for the tons of nudity on display and also for its 3-D flashback sequences which, well, almost work!The director drove to her apartment to reassure her and assuage her fears, and the two unexpectedly began a passionate affair.