filemaker pro 5.5 support

FileMaker Pro Server.0 (7/94.1v1 (3/95).
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But remember that allowing direct access to your system can be a sizable security risk.(There are hundreds of plugins now available - search for "FileMaker".Even with this automatic indexing turned off, our query took over 13 minutes.We associated very specific restrictions with each password.It is now possible to create charts, mail merge files, or build a front-end with another application with Local and Remote Data Access Companions.Also has new object functions and scripts, and the FileMaker Learning Center.

System requirements: G4, G5, or Intel CPU; 256 MB RAM, Mac OS.4.11 FileMaker Pro 11 v1 (3/10) New features include charts, snapshot links, filtered portals, and recurring imports.
Other additions included ScriptMaker, field formatting, summary data export, and AppleEvents and QuickTime for Mac support.
Odbc Support: There is more robust support for Open Database Connectivity (odbc) in FileMaker Pro.
Born at Nashoba Systems, Concord, MA, in the early 1980s as Nutshell, a DOS-based database, it was adapted to the Macintosh with a graphical user interface in 1985.FileMaker Pro Server was intended to serve larger networks more quickly and less expensively.Also, we could easily define custom lists of values and then restrict fields to an entry in a list.Mobile users and teams changing data in the same files can quickly reconcile files by importing updates to their own files.FileMaker Pro Server.0 requires System.1 or higher.System requirements: PowerPC CPU; Mac.6 through.2.2; runs in OS X via Classic Mode.Thus, don't plan on using a FileMaker database locally at the same time someone is using it over the Web.A nice touch, FileMaker let us save value lists for reuse in other fields and databases.