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278 Water Magic ( Mizu Kei Kakushu Mah Mirajane is able to use Water Magic, a form of Magic which, as the name implies, allows her to generate, manipulate and control water.
That's merely a dessert.
202 Mashima conceived of her name because he thought a character name ending with -"anna" makes it sound cute.
As Mirajane walks through the crowd waving and smiling at the people, they call her name.
Kimlinger, Carl (September 7, 2008).Arrive atop Cube Prior to an explosion caused by a possessed Elfman bringing in an explosive Lacrima as per Seilah's command, 156 Cana turned Levy cyberlink youcam 5 windows xp and all the other guild members into cards and had the Exceeds head straight for Cube, where Levy and all.However, Mard Geer soon puts his Curse into effect and Mirajane, along with the rest of the Mages, ends up being caught by the transformed Cube.Once the battle begins, Mirajane activates her Satan Soul: Sitri and saves Wendy, who is targeted and nearly swallowed up by Cosmos ' plant technique.According to Jason, during her participation in the Grand Magic Games of X791, Mirajane's stats are: 322 Mirajane's favorite food is Kuzumochi because, according to her, the texture of the food is irresistible.

166 Because he embarks on missions that have never been completed for up to a century, he only visits the guild on rare occasions for short periods royal revolt 2 hack no of time.
Fiore (E, Tma Fire who goes incognito as Mato Mat-kun the pumpkin mascot of the kingdom's annual wizard tournament, the Grand Magic Games Dai Mat Enbu ).
258 Before joining Saber, Rogue is Gajeel Redfox 's disciple named Lios Raiosu ) during the latter's membership in Phantom Lord.
182 Byro Bairo the elderly chief of staff who carries various magical potions;. .
Fairy Tail, Volume.Previous Occupation, member of the Custody Enforcement Unit 2, status, active, relatives, parents (Deceased).New York City: Del Rey Manga / Kodansha Comics USA, 20082015.273 However, maintaining Mirajane Alegria takes up a significant amount of Magic to which it heavily exhaust her.She conceals the evacuation as a mission to kill dragon slayers to prevent a panic." 259 (To Kamika ) " Poison?When he does, Levy breaks down and screams Gajeel's name.