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Mad Scientist : Professor.
Toad is The Smart Guy who Mario describes as 'the best advisor in-a the business.' He usually helps by providing hints and items in Toad Houses.
Theme starts with a variation of this.
Appropriated Title : Early games in the series went under a variety of titles, the most well-known games being Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., and Wrecking Crew.The RPGs have various star-shaped objects as well.Sorting Algorithm of Threatening Geography : Universally, the games start in Green Hill Zone and end in Lethal Lava Land.The comic book adaptations are consistently Recognizable Adaptations.Rool and other opponents of the Kongs are evil.Most of the levels in the 3D games take place on floating areas, so the entire level is over a bottomless pit.

Cackletta and Fawful in particular take it Up to Eleven (though one could say that Fawful takes it Up To Twelve).
It was gradually fixed over the course of the series with the other 3D games.
Earth is occasionally referenced, but the "real world" exists in an contact form 7 plugin Alternate Universe, and Mario and Luigi probably lived in Brooklyn at one point; but this isn't particularly important to the series as a whole.Many of the franchise's main games aren't about stopping Bowser from getting what he wants, but taking it back after he's already obtained.Paper Mario puts invisible walls around the water, and The Thousand-Year Door uses carnivorous fish to keep Mario out of water.Armless Biped : Goombas.King Mooks also have crowns, notably King Boo, King Bob-omb, Whomp King and Goomboss.And every other projectile that isn't made by a player.Enemy Mine : There are several occasions where the brothers team up with Bowser to defeat a stronger enemy.Token Human : Most of the characters in the series are non-human creatures.In Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64 when choosing Luigi in the doubles tournament mode, his default partner will be Daisy.In 64 DS, Toad warns that to lose it will bring bad luck; there's also a mechanic in 64 DS that allows one character (say, Mario) to transform into another (Luigi sony sound forge 9 crack serial or Wario) by donning the latter's cap.