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Gates and uae yellow pages pdf gateways may be built or replaced providing they do not exceed 2 metres in height.
These are: Any windows proposed at ground floor level as part of an extension should not be less than 1 metre from the boundary they face.
If the rear wall of the existing house has a gable, the walls of the extension (excluding any gable being built as part of the extension) shall not be higher than the side walls of the house.
Any windows proposed at above ground level should be not less than 11 metres from the boundary they face.
External works of repair, maintenance and improvement such as painting or re-plastering do not need planning permission so long as they do not materially affect the external appearance, thus rendering the appearance inconsistent with neighbouring buildings.Do I need permission to demolish a house?The council can request that the applicant submit further information to assist in the decision.The planning authority can give advice on whether it considers any particular change of use is significant enough to be "material" for planning purposes.Declarations on Exempted Development, in accordance with Section.You must complete the form, p07 Application form for a declaration on development and exempted development (Section 5) and submit it to the planning authority along the whole 9 yards book pdf with a site location map and a fee.00.The Planning and Development Regulations 2008 (S.I.Subject to site location, planning history and particulars, car parking spaces, hard surfacing, garden paths, garden ponds and patios etc.You may include drawings, photos etc.If the wall is made of plain blocks or mass concrete it must be rendered or plastered.Planning and Development Regulations 2007 (S.I.

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All exempted developments are listed in the Planning and Development Regulations st of the exemptions contain certain conditions and limitations.
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Offenders may be required to rectify any unauthorised works and will have to pay whatever costs are involved.Back to top, can I build a chimney and a boiler house?It is important to note that where the house has been extended before, the floor area of the extension you are now proposing and the floor area of any previous extension, including those for which you got planning permission, cannot exceed 40 square metres.Exempted development is development for which planning permission is not required.If a question arises as to whether or not a development is or is not exempted development, a person may apply to the planning authority for a declaration on the question.Where the porch has a tiled or slated pitched roof, it must not exceed 4 metres in height, or 3 metres for any other roof type.235 of 2008) give effect to new exempted development provisions in respect of renewable technologies for industrial buildings, business premises and agricultural holdings.To request a declaration please ensure that the Application Form is completed the correct fee is attached and adequate information is provided to enable assessment of the matter (such as elevational drawings/plans if relevant and a description of the development).Planning Permission must be sought to demolish a habitable house, or a building which forms part of a terrace of buildings or a building which abuts on another building in separate ownership before any demolition works take place. .Can I build a front porch?