europa universalis ii full game

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Combat is not only determined by mere numbers such as modifiers and dice-rolls, but through a complex simulation in which units deployed into two rows of positions for each side, allowing units to fight the enemy units in front of them, the enemies at their.
Truly Divine Ruler: Get a 5/5/5 Ruler.It still suffers attrition and its regiments can still move between armies, though regiments can't be mixed between exiled and non-exiled armies.This province can be very far away from where the battle took place.Deploy X units of cavalry on each side of the first row.There is an additional contribution that also affects units that are deployed, but not actively participating in combat Combat statistics edit Military tactics edit Military tactics reduces the amount of damage a country's troops take in combat.Unit strength Flanking range The final range is always rounded down to the nearest integer.Each 1000 artillery soldiers count winzip driver updater 1.0 registration key as 1 artillery.Casualties edit Casualties caused by each unit during each day are computed as follows: Base casualties ( Base casualties are determined by the die result according to the following formula: Attacking unit strength ( If the attacking unit has less than its maximum of 1000.Military technology level Combat width Note: The combat width used in a battle will be that of the highest value among the participants.Capital cities always have fort level at least 1, which stacks with any fort building in the province; this free fort level does not extend a zone of control, does not cost maintenance, and cannot be mothballed.Forced march edit Forced march makes an army move 50 faster, but costs 2 military power for each province the army marches through.

A fort cannot be mothballed or de-mothballed while the city is under siege.
Fort building level Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3 Bonus 4 Bonus 5 Bonus 6 Bonus 7 Bonus 8 Capital without fort 1 reg.
Down Under: Have a colony in Australia.
The rate is also increased by the following ideas and policies: Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies 25 Ito traditions Luxembourg traditions Pueblo traditions 20 Toki traditions 15 Austrian idea 2: Military Frontier 10 Divine idea 5: Onward Christian Soldiers Influence-Quantity: Guerilla Warfare Fort maintenance edit Each.Artillery are the only units that can attack from the back row, but they will only deal 50 damage from that position.Having 10 regiments with 100 artillery each is the same as 1 regiment with 1000.Roll Result Effect Garrison losses 4 or less Status Quo 5 11 Supplies Shortage 1 siege status 1 garrison 12 13 Food Shortage 2 siege status 3 garrison 14 15 Water Shortage 3 siege status 5 garrison 16 19 Defenders Desert 2 siege status.Deploy all remaining cavalry in the second row, beginning from the edge and going inwards.