emergency procedures en francais

Retrieved., "Paris Fire Department".
Samu, which stands for, service d'Aide Médicale Urgente or Urgent Medical Aid Service.
6 Here, the cross-trained firefighters will provide on scene care and transport for injuries or illness, but are usually backed up by a smur unit for more serious issues.
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Smur service Mobile d'Urgence et Reanimation literally translated as Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service) which are "mobile intensive care units" (micu) that have one or more physicians on board.
When operating in the public system, patients are asked to co-pay a portion of the cost for each type of care that they receive.
As a measure against system abuse, the samu physician may refuse to sign the patient's "treatment certificate resulting in the patient being liable for the full cost of services provided, although in practice, this is rarely done.
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