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Zakir Naik, peace conference: Zakir Naik arranged a peace conference on November 2007 in Mumbai and it is one of his main lectures.
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In his speech, several people invited and took part in front of not invited audience.Zakir Naik pdf ebook free download.His speech was later published as the book in multiple languages including English.He received many awards and Honorius in his life.Download PDF hindi / Urdu: Muhammad (S.A.W.) Ka Zikr Mukhtalif Mazhabi Kitabon Mein (Video: 1, 2, 3, 4 ) Hindi / Urdu: Kya Quran Samajh ker Parhna Zaroori hai (Video: Part1, Part2 ).Zakir is renowned for his critical analysis and his spontaneous and convincing answers to challenging questions posed by the audiences and skeptics after his public talks during the open Question Answer sessions.

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He is an Islamic researcher, speaker and writer and mostly influenced by religion.
Muslim apologist Zakir Naik claims that the beating is only symbolic, done with a toothbrush or a handkerchief.Finally he received his mbbs degree from University of Mumbai.Zakir Naik, reception, awards, organisational behaviour by stephen robbins 15th edition pdf titles and honors:.Translated into Urdu by Maulana Abdur Razaq Malihabadi.Peace TV transmission is available from here.Apostasy: He said that if any Muslim wants to leave Islam he can but do not speak against holy region as he will be considered a traitor and should be hanged as Quran says.