donkey kong 64 german rom

Secrets and puzzles, the vast ever-changing world of Kong Island, and enough hysterical storyline with reminesint characters for ages of replayability.
It might not be powerful enough to run PJ64.
Also, I might add, the game opens, with the greatest monkey rap ever to be written, plus, they dance.
The Doctor rates this game: 5/5.OverviewEnjoy barrel blasting, special powers, and saving the Kongs from King.I have DK64 and it runs great on PJ64 the only thing is DK looks pandigital novel books to a little weird when he walks but I just ignore.If other games run well then it is probably a bad rom.

This game has it all for you Nintendo Ape fans.
A must have for any true Ninendo Collection.
Donkey Kong 64 is 'THE' Definitive game in the Kong series.
I agree with the other person, try another site.Featuring the intense playability of 6 different characters freely switched through in single player mode (also fantastic multiplayer war games for up to four players at once).Have you played other PJ64 games on your computer and do guitar pro 7 full version they do the same thing cause it could be your computer.James Bond fan 7 years ago 0, network flows theory algorithms and applications pdf thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment.Rool in the Nintendo 64 installment of the Donkey Kong series.Return TO main link: Donkey, kong.