dividend exempt u/s 10(38)

amount Amount of nintendo ds games for psp Advance or Loan.
Act, 1961 appears below Section 115-Q). .
V CIT (1993) 204 ITR 146 (Bom).
Tax on Equity oriented mutual fund: Dividend Income: Dividend received is exempt from tax u/s 10 (35) (a).
Ordinary course of business shall mean that the loan or advance should be given to such shareholder at the same rate and terms as it is given to other borrowers.Read our post on dividend distribution tax to know calculation of ddt.nature OF payments III. .CIT (1976) 105 ITR 642 (SC Held, Accumulated profits mean commercial profits and not assessed does not mean the aggregate of the assessed income arrived at after disallowing disbursements and expenditure in fact incurred.Any daily allowance received by a Member of Parliament or by an MLA or any member of any Committee of Parliament or State legislature is also exempt from tax under Section 10(17).CIT (1976) 105 ITR 642 (SC) Excluded Capital Gains (if Exempt) CIT.(i c) of General Instructions to preparation of Balance Sheet requires disclosure by the Reporting Company in its Balance Sheet of Long Term Loans and advances to related parties (giving details thereof).

The Tribunal held that the MoU between the company and the assessee was a colourable device adopted for transfer of accumulated profits as loan for an indefinite period.
By virtue of this amendment, for the first time, the fiction of treating loans or advances to shareholders as dividend was first introduced in the Income Tax Law.
Narasimhan (1979) 118 ITR 60 (Mad Held, In determining the Accumulated profits available for the purpose of section 2(22 e the amount treated as deemed dividend under section 2(22 e) in past have to be excluded, irrespective of the fact that no adjustment is made.Our due diligence reviews of tax-exempt hedge fund investments are designed to uncover and correct the following issues at the hedge fund level: Contact us for a tax due diligence proposal.Similarly, certain awards and rewards, etc.Accordingly, the inclusion of such amount as deemed dividend in the hands of the assessee was upheld by the Tribunal.It is further pertinent to note that a Recognised Stock Exchange has been defined in the Income Tax Act, 1961 to mean a stock exchange recognised wavepad audio editing for mac as such by the Central Government under section 2(f) of the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, 1957 (scra).(Explanation to Chapter XII-D of the.Jhaveri v en, AAC 1965 56 ITR 198 (SC).Held Liable to be assessed as Deemed Dividend.