dell inspiron 1545 keyboard num lock

A similar action took place if I toggled the "radio" button (F2) and a battery information window appeared it the "battery" key (F3) was pressed.
I suspect this is not strictly the user experience team of one review a Vista problem, but the user base may know of a solution.
All I get are numbers and symbols.
Even if I had to do that any time the popups and icons disappeared, I would be a lot happier than I am now).The workaround placed full-time icons for caps lock and num lock in the Notification Area, but that does not alert me as well if I accidentally toggle the caps lock key which is critical when entering passwords, particularly "strong" ones.I did many searches on The Internet and in the Dell Community Forums for a solution.Sometimes when I push the T key it will type a Y with it and act as if the Y key is stuck down and results in a yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy any idea as to why this is happening and if so how do I fix it?A series of security updates came down from Microsoft which required reboot.I find references to a similar service for HP notebooks.

You can see numbers on them.
If that wasn't the case - try simultaneously holding "FN" and "Alt" keys instead of just "Alt".
When I got my computer about 6 weeks ago, a transparent popup would appear briefly and then disappear when the caps lock key was toggled.
I highlighted ones that create numeric endure carrie jones pdf part of keypad.I also suspect the problem is with a Dell-specific service or application but that may be supported by underlying Vista services.Then one day, it mysteriously started working again.Find it cause we may need to use it later.It also does not restore the action of the "radio" and "battery" keys.Num Lock and keypad keys are highlighted.