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Shortcuts for Number Series The only difficulty which is being encountered in solving these questions is identifying the acticing 40-50 questions on this topic would provide you awareness of 90 of the patterns.
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Tricks for Speed, Distance and Time Trick 1 Speed Distance/ Time Unit of Speed is Km/hr or m/s Trick 2 If an object travels a certain distance with m Km/hr and again travels the same distance with n Km/hr, Average Speed for the Entire Journey.Shortcuts for Boats Streams Trick If the Speed of Stream is m Km/hr and Speed of Boat in Still Water is n Km/hr, Then Speed of Boat Upstream (n - m) Km/hr Speed of Boat Downstream (m n) Km/hr. .Effective Shortcuts Tricks for, general Aptitude section of gate.Trick 2: Do not get confused between Marked Price and Selling Price.Gate 2018 is approaching and its high time you gather awareness of the shortcuts and tricks for the General Aptitude section.General Aptitude section is undoubtedly the most scoring section of the gate exam and learning some Effective Shortcuts and Tricks for this section could really help you to ace the General Aptitude section.Tricks for Approximation Trick 1: Always solve the Simplification Questions using the bodmas rule Trick 2 You must Round off Decimal numbers to the nearest Whole numbers in order nfl fantasy cheat sheet 2013 to obtain approximate value of the equation.Missing.I.question solving helps to solving some other questions.Most cases in missing.I.In order to assist you in your preparation of General Aptitude section, we bring forth this article which will acquaint you with.

Dont try to use short tricks on Missing.I question.
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X (100 - loss 100, trick 1: In case most of the information is given in the form of percentages, start by assuming.P.
Shortcuts for Pipes Cisterns, trick, if Pipe A can fill a tank in x hours Pipe B can fill a tank in y hours Time Taken by both the Pipes to Fill the Tank Together xy xy) Free Stimulation Mock Test For gate 2017 Start.Free All India Test Equipped with Artificial Intelligence Start Test.Shortcuts for Profit Loss.You can fill all missing data by the help of given data.PTR/100 Trick 2 If Rate of Interest is R1, R2, R3 in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year respectively, then, Amount fairy tail episode 54 subtitle indonesia after 3 years A P (1 R1/100) (1 R2/100) (1 R3/100) Must read : Sure Shot Questions Expected in Engineering Maths in gate 2017.Must Read : What is gate 2017 Guarantee Pack?Therefore, in this case, Marked Price will be higher than the final Selling Price.Presentation Transcript, sherwin Russel, never stop fighting till the fight is done 3 Followers, your Facebook Friends on WizIQ.So, to help you solve Missing DI, today, we are providing you Important Short Tricks and Practice Sets (PDF) on Missing DI which are usually asked in all exams.