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The circular, classical-looking structure, titled, farfromwords (2013 had an opening that funneled visitors toward a viewing area that screened the video work.
Mutu debuted her first cheatbook 2013 of games animated piece in Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey, a touring survey of her work organized by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University and currently on view through March 9 at the Brooklyn Museum.
The artist, who used to work primarily in performance, spent the first half of the six-week 2012 show staging impromptu photo shoots with gallery visitors, encouraging them to create playful postures and compositions.Its an idea that Jeff Koons, too, seems to have broached in his recent work, especially his ongoing series of large-scale photorealist paintings.Contemporary artists are updating the modernist tradition with new tactics and new media.Its the esthetic of othersthe esthetic thats happening on the Web.Courtesy THE artist AND motinternational, london.Not to mention our increasingly global perception of the world itself.Its the language of thatthe language of rupture, Zoubok adds.

Collage has long been associated with humor too.
I Want to Be the One to Walk in the Sun (2013) were mounted on gallery walls with pushpins over embedded flat screens emitting kaleidoscopic digital collages revealed through strategic cutouts (in this case, a buxom models bikini top and bottom).
Mark Bradford is well known for injecting this kind of content and critique into his large-scale collage-based work as well, collecting paper scraps from underprivileged install dvd decryption library linux communities and splicing them together into bold and powerful abstract tableauxpieces that dominate the spaces in which theyre installed, pieces.
It is all somewhat performative in that sense, too.
Everything about the way we function now is sort of innately collaged.Isa Genzken, whose first retrospective is on view at MoMA through March.Creating her own kind of social puzzles, Pittsburgh-based artist Vanessa German makes what she calls Power Figures: totemic mashups of African sculptures, found toys, and other miscellaneous detritus (telephones, hand mirrors, seashells, guns, small white porcelain LladrĂ³-like figurines, tiny plastic watermelons).After three weeks, he repurposed his props and patterned the backgrounds as art-making surfaces, peppering them with fractured and saturated cutouts of his Ryan McNamaras Still, 2012, collages photos of and props from performances with cutouts of viewers.We live in the age of not only digital culture but of multiculturalism, says New York dealer Pavel Zoubok, whose gallery deals exclusively with work rooted in collage and assemblage.Laure Prouvost, Farfromwords: car mirrors eat raspberries when swimming through the sun, to swallow sweet smells, 2013, installed at Whitechapel Gallery.