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Printing will now work when MathType is installed alongside Word patch pes 2011 new transfer 2007.
The Equation Editor in Word 2003 will no longer freeze after multiple launches.
14.1.3 CrossOver - May 18, 2015 Linux: Updated the version of the gnutls library we use for compatibility with newer Debian and Ubuntu distributions.
CrossOver 11 For Linux, type: Applications unix, files:.14.1.4 CrossOver - June 25, 2015 Application Support: Fixed a Steam crash on launch for Win7 Bottles.CrossOver Linux.0.0 x86, amd64 (deb, rpm, bin).You can install and use it immediately.Typing a URL into an outgoing email in Outlook 2003 now automatically generates a clickable hyperlink.Mac OS X specific.Changing fonts in Outlook 2003 is now possible.Fixed a problem in which CrossOver would complain about unmet dependencies of libosmesa6 on Ubuntu.04.3.Quicken 2014 now displays its update notice correctly.CrossOver Linux.3.1 (deb, rpm, bin).CrossOver has a completely redone User Interface on Linux.

Fixed proxy detection for certain KDE configurations.
Fixed a hang when using atok, a third-party Japanese input method.
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Fixed problems browsing and searching in the Steam game store.Linux: Fixed installation problems on systems running Security Enhanced Linux.Mouse-look should now work in Guild Wars.CrossOver has fixed a bug with the way it uses threads in GTK (this bug fix allows CrossOver to run on Ubuntu.10).Other Improvements: CrossOver.0.0 is based on Wine.7.25 which includes over 5,000 patches that fix bugs and add greater Windows compatibility.We will be e-mailing you within the next week with a unique link to create your free 12-month support entitlement on our server.