create a graph in excel mac

Students, businesses, scientists, news organizations, economists, and many other groups use charts.
The displayed graphic will give you a preview of each change.
If the chart looks wrong, chances are Excels guess about which rows and columns to use for the axis was wrong.
Name your chart, enter a title for your chart where it says.
Next when you're finished.Click presentation server 4.5 client one of the previews in the style gallery to change the layout or style.If you have some data to chart, by all means use it as you go through these examples.This guide is written for Microsoft Excel 2003, but the process is similar for other versions.Choose one you think will display your data well.

You can click and drag across the cells where you've entered your data, or you can hold down the shift key while using the arrow keys to select the appropriate cells.
For example, if you're graphing precipitation in a particular place, you may want to use labels such as Month, Rain and Snow.
In our example, the first column should list the months of the year.Software, microsoft Office for Mac, excel, how to Make an Excel Chart in Office 2011 for Mac.Complete your chart, click the other tabs.Ncsu, insert the chart, select the, insert tab at the top of the window.Click, change Chart type to switch to a different kind of chart.Here's how to make a graph in Excel: Label your data, input a label for each type of data you will graph in a separate column.When you select a chart, the Chart menu activates, the data range is highlighted, and you have three extra tabs on the Ribbon to enjoy: Charts, Chart Layout, and Chart Format.