concentration camp dictionary oliver lustig

SS -man: assassination - canteen - brothel.
Dictionary by hearing the, sS -sits, Kapo 's, Block -and, lagerältestes shouting them.
When it was decided to liquidate the Theresienstadt camp, the Nazi authorities gave the following order: The SS Governmental Commission of the Reich for the mobilization and distribution of the citizens obliged to do forced labor Call-up Order every male Jew from the territories under.
SS -men delighted in superintending its operation.Four of five hundred samples from the main European nations.SS -men knew it and with the regular and strict meticulousness proper to professional assassins, the.D group be disguised as sleeping quarters and for this purpose I ordered that the small ones be filled with a window on each side."There was no floor1.There, from the wagons, the men were taken directly to the gas chamber.A dense, indefinite smell that had penetrated the separating walls, the clothes, the human skin and even the air, which made you feel a scratching in your throat.The sight of thousands upon thousands of people crowded in the gas chambers, of the flames in the crematoria throwing light on the mountains of ashes elevated their feelings of Übermenschen, supermen.SS -men, notions that were completely ruled out from the camp, the.The members of the detachment who also selected the deportee's goods and clothes, could lie their hands on knifes and penknife's, on scissors, tongs and hammers.The respective Revier had neither medicines, nor heating and not even pallets; the sick women who arrived in the convalescence camp were immediately made to take off their overcoats and every woolen gourmets and forced to stand in the snow for days, almost without food.

Before leaving, the mobilized is obliged to show to the delegate of the above-mentioned authorities the tools or instruments needed for practicing his profession, winter clothing, bedding and provisions for a week.
Most of those who passed type b flu recovery time through barrack.
But they all kept still, not moving from their places.
Mauthausen, inaugurated on April 14, 1943, looked like.They knew that in order to fight one needed a weapon, as you cannot rebel with bare hands.The, untersturmführer-SS, dr, Becker, in charge of the first vans used for the extermination by gassing, reported: "I ordered that the vehicles.Not a stir, only murmurs and clamor.Dressings were changed in front of the doctor, on the table in the surgical room.Hartheim castle in postal vans to which false windows had been fitted and which were painted blue in order to give them "a more gay appearance.".