computer will only load in safe mode vista

Use the mouse and keyboard to select your Windows user name from the drop-down list, and enter your Windows password, then click.
Believe it or not, but it does fix the problem most of the times: Solution For Condition.
If your computer is unstable, youll have to do this nettime client for windows 7 from Safe Modethe hardware drivers wont interfere and make your computer unstable in Safe Mode.
So, now you have three things what you can still try even your window isnt in running mode: Startup Repair This feature is very useful and effective Windows Repairing tool and the main work whats this feature do is to repair your windows when something.
On computers infected with malware or crashing because of buggy drivers, Safe Mode may be the only way to start the computer.Does your computer the Win7 disc have Service Pack.Restart your computer and test it, if the problem has gone, thats good, if dont, then move to the next solution.Uninstall Recently Installed Software : If you recently installed software (such as a hardware driver or a program that includes a driver) and its causing your computer to blue-screen, you can uninstall that software from the Control Panel.This will take quite a long time, as there are a large number of drivers shown and I'll have to reboot for final fight game for each driver removed.Actually, the clean boot is performed to starts your operating system by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs.Obviously, if I can't boot into zurich bt-roman condensed font normal Windows, I can't log the devices that are OK until the problem occurs.And that has its own patients.Clive All typing errors are my own work and subject to patents pending.So, now I want you open your Windows Device Manager while using safe mode and then search for your Videos/Graphic Drivers in the drivers list and uninstall that particular video driver, after that just restarts your computer and that time you dont need to open.The System Recovery Options menu will appear.Reply With", 21:12 #6, hi joro, I'm not sure if it will make any difference.

Do a scan in Safe Mode.
VxD check box, and then click.
If you found your safe mode options is ticked already then Ill suggest you to uncheck that checkbox and save the setting by clicking.
However, if I use the boot options (by pressing F8 when it starts it goes into the boot options menu, and I can boot into safe mode (with and without networking both work).Use this workaround at your own risk.Still Finding Solution or Need Some Help?We do not recommend this workaround but are providing this information so that you can implement this workaround at your own discretion.Related articles, if your computer continues to be unstable after a full Windows reinstall, your computers hardware may be faulty.