chemistry experiments for class 9th

Updated February 13, 2017, introduction to 9th Grade Science Fair Projects 9th grade is the first year of high school, so 9th graders might be competing against older students in a science fair.
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Hair conditioner - Use a microscope to determine whether hair conditioner affects the condition of hair (either comparing brands or comparing with conditioner to without-conditioner).Just grab an adult to continue.Does the light source affect the length of time a phosphorescent material will glow?Another idea to test would be to see if you have the same peripheral vision in bright light as compared with dim light.The introduction page of a project will help you decide if you want to view the project guide.The quality of the presentation is very important since high school students are expected to be familiar with word processing programs and printers.What things can you do to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of your clothes dryer or water heater or any device?What is the best thickness of insulation for preventing heat loss?07 of 13, make Colored Fire at Home, the rainbow of colored fire was made using common household chemicals to color the flames.

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If you have a more open pupil, does it give you measurably better peripheral vision?
Depending on what you add, the ashes will have a different elemental composition from a normal wood fire, but if you're burning trash or printed material, you have a similar end result.
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