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Advertisement, featured Mortgage Calculators 1, home Mortgage Calculator, this is our free full-featured mortgage calculator, including fixed-rate and adjust-rate mortgages, amortization schedule, and optional extra payments.
Balloon Payment Loan Calculator - For when you are getting close to paying off your mortgage and you want to make a lump sum to finish.
Find out how much home you can afford based on your income, debt-to-income ratio, available funds, and other housing expenses.BoC rate hikes, starting in March 2013.It assumes three (and only three) quarter-point.Amortization Chart - Explains how to create a chart showing balance.I got a little tired of relying on "black box" online mortgage calculators when trying to figure out my monthly payment and amortization schedule, so I created this simple Excel spreadsheet.4, mortgage Payment Calculator, this is a simple calculator for making side-by-side comparisons of multiple mortgages.Extra Mthly Pmt, start Month, extra Annual Pmt.In this particular case, the.25 five-year fixed just edges out the variable on paper (it is hypothetically 11 cheaper than the variable over five years).Open the spreadsheet in Excel (or a free Excel-compatible spreadsheet program ).Instructions: Download the spreadsheet by right-clicking here and selecting "Save Target." or "Save Link to Disk." depending on your browser.

Payments, balance 1, jan,802 2, feb,573 3 Mar,374 4 Apr,164 5 May,963 6 Jun,752 7 Jul,550 8 Aug,348 9 Sep,134 10 Oct,931 11 Nov,716 12 Dec,511 13 Jan,305 14 Feb,070 15 Mar,862 16 Apr,645 17 May,436 18 Jun,217 19 Jul,008 20 Aug,797 21 cd rock anos 70 internacional Sep,576.
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You can customize the spreadsheets, add your own calculations, print amortization schedules, and save your results.The comparison above shows a prime.25 variable versus.25 five year fixed.We ran a showdown on these two terms when writing Mondays story.The reason we chose only three rate increases for the assumptions is simply to determine the minimum hikes needed to make the fixed mortgage cheaper than the variable.You can't work from a monthly payment backward to an interest rate.Canadian Mortgage Calculator, this calculator was designed specifically for Canadian mortgages (and uses some different terminology but the Home Mortgage Calculator above can also handle the semi-annual compounding for Canadian mortgages and has a more advanced method for choosing accelerated bi-weekly payment options.If that happens, variables would likely outperform all other terms, even with todays mediocre prime.25 average discount.Advisors use them frequently to illustrate hypothetical cost differences between different mortgage options.Bret Whissel's amortization calculator.Terms of use: This spreadsheet is public domain.