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Video games edit, driver (video game series), series of video games.
Tibetan Buddhist canon, a loosely defined list used in the Vajrayana tradition.
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Driver: Parallel Lines, the fourth game in the series.Canon law, religious laws, particularly in Christian contexts.Driver (video game), the first game in the series.Canonization, the formal process of recognizing a Christian saint.Tu la bien connecter en USB?Canon (priest), a title of certain Christian priests.Gospel canon, a work attempting to harmonize the accounts of the four Christian Gospels.Taoist canon daozang about 1400 texts collected around the 4th century.

Driver 76, a PSP game, driver: Vegas, a mobile game, driver: LA Undercover, a mobile game, driver San Francisco, the fifth game in the series.
Driver 2, the second game in the series.
Canon may refer to: Contents, religion real player 2013 gratuit edit, various formally approved collections of scriptures, including: Biblical canon, among various Jewish and Christian communities.Canons Regular, priests living in community under a rule.Transportation edit, for transportation technology, see, technology.Et tu bien sous windows Vista?Tanakh, pli Canon, used in the Therevada Buddhist tradition.BOnjour, Quand il parle de clavier.Driv3r, the third game in the series.Canon of the Mass, the Eucharistic Prayer of the Roman Rite.