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If your glasses is Red/cyan, so you should choose the output format as the same.
If I answer game of thrones season 1 music no, then PowerDVD 15 Ultra will convert native 1080p/24 material to 60Hz using 3:2 pulldown judder, however if I answer yes then PowerDVD 15 Ultra will output.976Hz (24Hz) to the graphics card.Bino, size:.9 MB, price: Free, support for stereos 3D video, including a range of high on-the-fly input and output format.It's add-on feature to download online videos and AirPlay streaming helps to meet user demands for Audiovisual entertainment in one lightweight built.And switch to "KMP connection option" in the right bar of the program on your computer.Then ones desktop computer monitor or flatpanel screen will receive native 1080p/24 from the PowerDVD 15 Ultra Blu-ray player.Here's one highlight about this player that may impress you: the 3D Blu-ray live support, which means you can real-time share what you're watching from PowerDVD's SNS plug-ins, and also take a fresh bite on some special features of Bluray 3D movies that are not.Updated information about Cyberlink PowerDVD 15 Ultra and the 1080P 24fps feature.I don't recommend you adopt this way to play 3D blu ray disc.KMPlayer, size:.78 MB, price: Free, kMPlayer has a cool interface window and works for 3D videos in side-by-side or top and bottom format.Probably you should switch to a 3D blu-ray player for Windows 10 that is able to play the famous new titles like Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, or the rest of high quality 3D bluray movies.The type of 3D video is Left/Right, Top/Bottom, and Anaglygh.

By calling a 3D movie as Blu-ray 3D, we refer to it that the producer put the 3D media content into a Blu-ray disc, a disc format that supersedes HD DVD with faster read-n-write speed thanks to the Blue laser it uses.
Because you have to purchase nvidia 3D version glasses, 3D Vision monitor and the compatible nvidia GeForce Card.
So we can play 3D Blu ray disc on pc/3D Samsung Full HD/3D smart phone with free 3D movie player software.
If this 3D Bluray player is your cup of tea, check out the PowerDVD coupon code to see if you can get the latest discount.It attracts users very much by the function of accessing HD videos wrapped-up in ZIP or RAR files.By the way, 3D Bluray playback needs compatible software such as cyberlink.Swift 3D Blu-ray Player Software - Leawo Blu-ray Player.Before I show how to make it, I will introduce some free 3D movie player software.To watch 3D movies on computer, You try to find 3d 4k Blu Ray player program in vain.